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Please make sure you have carefully and thoroughly read my FAQ for my booking process and policies. Any messages or requests sent while my books are NOT open will not be addressed unless its regarding flash designs. Please see my instagram for updates on when my books are open. 


  • Hours: Tue-Wed, Fri-Sat 11am - 7pm

  • Closed Sunday, Monday, Thursday


How To Book

I currently book 1-2 months out at a time, exceptions can be made for traveling clients.

When my books are OPEN fill out a booking form and we can go from there. ​The link to the booking from can be found here when my books are open.



  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

  • Tattoo Shop is 3VOL Ink, 7143 W Greenfield Ave 


Current Rates

  • 3 hour minimum. If you'd like to get more than one tattoo to meet the 3 hour minimum that can work, but keep in mind I prioritize 3hr+ individual tattoos when it comes to my requests. For reference, for the pieces you see on my page, my average session length is about 6+ hours. 

  • $150/hr 


Age Restriction

  • According to Wisconsin State Laws, you must be at least 18 years of age regardless of parental/guardian consent. 


Design Process

  • Before inquiring with me, please look at my body of work to see if I'm truly the right artist for you. I do not send drafts of the design beforehand. Quick changes can be made during your session. Above all, I require creative freedom and your trust in the designing process. Even during the tattoo, I make a lot of decisions on the fly so having your trust in my creativity and abilities is key. While I'm not asking you to give up all control or say in the tattoo, please allow me to do what I do best!

  • I do not do coverups, but I will consider it if the old tattoo is very easy for me to cover up with the new design. 

  • I do not do add-ons to tattoos that are not done by me. 

  • I do not copy other artists drawings or tattoos, even if you have consent. 

  • I do not do tattoos without shading (no linework-only pieces)

  • At the moment, I don't do color but I'm open to red ink tattoos or pops of red in a B&G tattoo (depending on the style and subject matter). 


Touch Up Policy

  • Pricing:

    • Within 1 year of receiving tattoo: free

    • After 1 year of receiving tattoo OR additional touch ups: $150 minimum/session

  • If the tattoo was not well taken care of, I reserve the right to charge a fee regardless of the one year grace period. ​

  • To book a touch up, email me whether my books are open or closed. I will get you in as soon as my schedule allows. 

    • You may not request a new tattoo or additions to be done at the same time as the touch up if the appointment is made while books are closed.


    • When getting a tattoo, you are paying for a service, time, and materials. Every client is clearly informed about the tattoo they are receiving, including placements and styles that are susceptible to fading. ​


Flash + Deposits

  • Flash are predesigned tattoos. If I have available designs or "wanna-do's" they will be made available on my "Flash" highlight on my Instagram. All flash is first come first serve and require a non refundable deposit of $100 that will go towards the total cost. Each flash will either be posted with a flat price or with the caption "discounted/normal hourly rate". All wanna-do's will be at an hourly rate of my discretion (will never be more than my standard $150/hr). 

  • When confirmation emails are sent out, you will have 72 hours to confirm your appointment with me by placing a non-refundable $150 deposit. 

  • Your deposit will go towards the total charge for your session. 


Form Of Payment / Tipping

  • Payment: 

    • Cash or Card (Square) only - Payment apps like Venmo and Cashapp will not be accepted, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

    • Cash is always preferred :) 

  • Tipping: ​

    • Tipping for tattoos is however much you feel you want to give. It is not required but is always appreciated! ​


Can I Bring Someone With? 

  • Only one person can be brought along to your appointment, however I prefer to not have an additional person during the session. Please let me know if you plan on bringing someone with to your appointment. 


Running Late, Cancellation, Rescheduling,

No Call No Show

  • Running Late

    • Please email me if you think you'll arrive later than your appointment time. BUT...​

      • 20 minutes late with or without notice will forfeit your session and deposit. ​

      • 30 minutes late without notice will forfeit your session and deposit AND result in a no call no show. 

  • Cancellation/Rescheduling: ​​

    • Please give me a 48 hour notice to cancel/reschedule your appointment. Failure to do so will forfeit your deposit. ​

  • If you had a deposit forfeited for any of the reasons above, a new deposit of equal value will have to be made in order to reschedule your session. If an appointment is cancelled and/or rescheduled 2 or more times for the same piece, chances of rebooking in the future are unlikely. Please plan accordingly since I am appointment only. ​

  • No call no show: 

    • Being 30 minutes late to your appointment without notice will result in a no call no show. 

      • If you no call no show, you will not be rebooked. No exceptions. 


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